Home Away From Home

This past week was “Spring Break” for me so off the band went to Shawano, WI to play at The Well.  Shawano is about five hours away from Rochester, MN so the promoter of the show promised us we could crash in his basement. (A kind gesture that is often overlooked)

So after we packed up the gear in our pearly white van we hit the road through scenic central Wisconsin. Taking the role as driver, I took this as nothing more than mindless driving past thousands of trees. This was well worth it though, because through hours of driving, band bonding time occurred.  

FINALLY we reached Shawano and played a solid set. We sold merch and got paid the guarantee we were guaranteed (which doesn’t happen as frequently as it should). After the show was over, we packed up our gear/merch and headed down to a locally owned restaurant which stayed open 24/7. This was a good time to sit down with the other bands and get to know them a bit more. 

A big reason why I enjoy playing music so much is the fact that you meet so many new and interesting people. When we were eating I got to know several members from several bands which makes a home away from home experience. 

After indulging in mediocre food we headed over to the promoters house to crash with another band. Before falling asleep (at like 4 am) I took some time to think about what other people my age look forward too. I am almost every weekend heading to a different town to play shows and that has just become my lifestyle and what I’m always excited for. If I wasn’t playing music I wouldn’t meet the interesting people and the friendships that come along with that. 

All in all this post is to express the bonding between musicians and the feeling that you can still have a home far away from your actual home. It’s a community spread across the entire nation, and having that entwined networking makes me feel as if I have accomplished something far greater than simply playing music with my friends.

So I pose this question, what makes you feel that sense of home away from home? Is it music like myself or is it something else? Let me know!


Passion in Music.

When someone asks my why I am in a band, I could respond a thousand different ways. Though.. I only ever answer the same way each time and it’s simple. I absolutely love music and everything about it.

Playing music is the greatest feeling I have ever felt and it cannot be described. Whether it is playing for 20 people or 200, being on stage is a feeling that gives me butterflies and make me want to throw up. I love it though and wouldn’t trade for anything.

I started making music in fifth grade playing the alto saxophone for the concert band. Music has been around me all my life and I honestly do not know what I would do without it. There is this internal drive that pulls me in and makes sure that I devote every ounce of time towards bettering myself through music. 

It’s when people say things like “being in a band is like burning money” I will never understand. Being in a band isn’t going to make you millions of dollars or make you famous worldwide. It is about sharing your creativity and love for something in which words will never describe. I honestly have to say I would rather die than not have music be a part of my life.

Fail to Decay has been an ever changing life process that I would never give up on. It has grown me into a more mature person as well as seeing the world for what it truly has to offer. It has made me sacrifice time, friendships, money and so much more, but I don’t regret this. There is nothing in this world that will ever mean more to me than making music.

With all this being said I purpose one question. What do you have a burning passion and love for in life? Whatever that may be, never let it go, and never let someone get in the way for what you truly care for.


Being a local band.

One thing that I’ve learned from being in a band for over four years now is the unity local bands form with one another. I love meeting and getting to know members in bands that we play with, because we’re all trying to do the same thing; get our music out there.

Being a local band in Southern Minnesota has always been a struggle. I have seen many bands I grew up playing with die out. The music scene has slowly been dying, and it is up to the dedicated bands to push through to rebuild it. Whether its playing with our friends in Our Judgment, Reaping Asmodeia, or the many others, I see the passion they have for this music and the hope they see for the future of the scene.

As for Fail to Decay, we are trying to do the simple things such as playing more shows and connecting with new fans. Meeting new bands is another thing we are hoping to do as spring slowly creeps upon us. With warmer weather we are hoping to play out more and meet new people. So if you want us to come play in a town near you email us!

Email: failtodecay@yahoo.com

With this being said, I’d like to hear who you think is a local band that should get noticed for their hard work and dedication to their scene. Who should be recognized? Let me know!



Who is Fail to Decay?

Sitting in math class my junior year of high school (late 2oo8) I asked my best friend, Ray (former bassist), if he wanted to start a band. He stared at me for a while then answered with a simple “hell yeah.” We started to practice with my brother (who is still the current drummer) and his good friend Kyle (former guitarist). We were your typical garage band playing out of my parents basement and it was obvious we had no musical experience.

A couple weeks passed and there we were again, sitting in math class. Ray looked at me and said that we should find a band name. I agreed, so we both starting looking at math terms. We stumbled upon the term, Rate of Decay (the meaning of the term is irrelevant now), and we both thought it sounded “metal” enough. So at the next band practice we brought it up to the other guys and it was unanimous; Fail to Decay stuck.


Lets skip to present day. I am now a junior in college and as time passed so did several members of the band. The only original members left are my brother and myself. We have grown as both men and musicians. This band has grown from a fun high school pass time to a full on lifestyle. I sometimes even ask myself whether or not I am putting school first in my life or the band. It’s hard to do both and I do not believe anyone could understand this struggle unless you’ve done it or are doing it now.


As I continue to post more about the band I will start getting in depth with some future plans, funny stories, the struggles and hardships, along with so much more. This blog will contain questions and will be open for suggestions.


Fail to Decay Promo 2012

“Being on a stage is where I feel at home. Being on stage is an exalted experience I live for.”