Finding True Happiness.

If there is one thing I would want people to know, it is that I never started the band to become a big “rock star.” I started the band in hopes to better connect with both myself and others who share the same passion. Music takes on the form of a person, and I can definitely say that making sacrifices becomes a huge part of your life to keep it around.

When I look back at everything, I see myself having these exalted experiences which I can only see happening through making music.  But why do I continue doing it? I guess the best way to answer that question is to ask, what are your aspirations? Many people will live their whole lives to achieve an aspiration or write it down on their “bucket list.” I started to realize that my life aspiration was happening right before my eyes. Making music and expressing my passion to others is something I can’t see myself not doing anytime in the near future. I want to express my emotions and my passions through this aspiration.

Being 21 now I wouldn’t say I have “role models” in my life, but someone I look up to is Jeremy Bolm from Touche Amore. The band has gained a lot of respect through being a DIY band (Do it yourself). I’ll spend hours watching interviews with him and hearing his stories really inspire me not only as a musician, but how to be a good person. He takes the time to explain things in his life, and his lyrics show these experiences. Jeremy’s lyrics talk to the listener on a personal level, which makes you feel that other people view life in the same perspective.

I guess what this post is getting at is, you have to be making music to achieve your aspirations, but rather find things in life now that make you happy. As I continue to meet people who share the same love in things that I do, I’ve realized many people wait on their aspirations until they get older to accomplish them. If you can do things now that make you think, “I’m happy with what I’m doing in life,” then you’re on the right path to true happiness.



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