Influences. Influences. Influences.

People sometimes ask me what made me get into metal or why I chose metal as the focus of my music career. Let us take a time machine back to fifth grade when I was starting to learn the alto saxophone. It was that year when music started becoming very important to me.

Through my middle school years I listened to bands such as Blink 182, Green Day, AFI, and Taking Back Sunday. It was the “alternative” years for me, and I was searching for something more. Eighth grade came around and I began listening to “heavier” music such as Trivium, Lamb of God, and As I Lay Dying.

Let’s skip through high school, because I could name off about a thousand bands that helped me gain an infatuation with the metal genre. When eleventh grade rolled around it was time to start taking the passion I had for music to the next level.

When I started Fail to Decay with my brother and a few friends I never saw it as a big deal, but more of simply something to do with my time. As we continue forward college brought on another huge responsibility and in my last blog you can read about how that affects me.

In college I started listening to completely different genres such as, folk, indie, and instrumental. Bands such as Iron & Wine, Foals, Russian Circles, and so many more. This was a time where finding other genres helped me better myself as a musician and lyricist.

So today I can skip between singer/songwriter to death metal and everything in between. Having that many variety of genres makes me more accepting to other genres and seeing multiple points of view. Even though metal sometimes sounds dark, there are plenty of folk artists that can really write a depressing song.

What kinds of music have affected your life? If so was there a specific artist?




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