What should I have expected?

Let us take a trip back to the past, about a year ago today. We were asked to play a show outside the small town of Plainview, MN for a benefit concert. The promoter who set up the show said it will be a big turn out, and although we hadn’t heard of the place, we were optimistic and hoped for the best.

The day of the show came, so we packed up our gear and headed out into the rural countryside that is southern Minnesota. After our GPS lost satellite reception and we ended up at a church in the middle of nowhere we began to ponder on if this was going to actually be a show. So after the brief stop we pulled out the iPhone’s and finally figured out the address. 

When we pulled into the driveway we saw our stage. The floor of a garage with nothing more than a few carpets to set the drum set on. As we began unloading our gear through the pouring rain we started losing faith in how this show was going to turn out. 

The line-up had us playing second to the last, so while we waited we decided on if this was even going to be worth our time. The clock slowly ticked away until it was time to set up our gear and hope for the best.

There were no monitors and the system used for vocals had more compression than a WWII fighter pilot talk back system. As we played through our set, we found ourselves not caring what people thought and just had fun. Even though there was one drunk lady constantly jumping around and touching us, overall… It was a blast!

I guess what I’ve been trying to get at is don’t judge a moment by the surroundings. When we first rolled into that driveway I thought it was going to be nothing more than a lame excuse of a show. Now, looking back at that moment, I can reminisce with the other guys and get a good laugh in.  I would definitely play there again simply to just look back and have one hell of a time.  

So I pose another question. What is your craziest moment at a show? 



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