Home Away From Home

This past week was “Spring Break” for me so off the band went to Shawano, WI to play at The Well.  Shawano is about five hours away from Rochester, MN so the promoter of the show promised us we could crash in his basement. (A kind gesture that is often overlooked)

So after we packed up the gear in our pearly white van we hit the road through scenic central Wisconsin. Taking the role as driver, I took this as nothing more than mindless driving past thousands of trees. This was well worth it though, because through hours of driving, band bonding time occurred.  

FINALLY we reached Shawano and played a solid set. We sold merch and got paid the guarantee we were guaranteed (which doesn’t happen as frequently as it should). After the show was over, we packed up our gear/merch and headed down to a locally owned restaurant which stayed open 24/7. This was a good time to sit down with the other bands and get to know them a bit more. 

A big reason why I enjoy playing music so much is the fact that you meet so many new and interesting people. When we were eating I got to know several members from several bands which makes a home away from home experience. 

After indulging in mediocre food we headed over to the promoters house to crash with another band. Before falling asleep (at like 4 am) I took some time to think about what other people my age look forward too. I am almost every weekend heading to a different town to play shows and that has just become my lifestyle and what I’m always excited for. If I wasn’t playing music I wouldn’t meet the interesting people and the friendships that come along with that. 

All in all this post is to express the bonding between musicians and the feeling that you can still have a home far away from your actual home. It’s a community spread across the entire nation, and having that entwined networking makes me feel as if I have accomplished something far greater than simply playing music with my friends.

So I pose this question, what makes you feel that sense of home away from home? Is it music like myself or is it something else? Let me know!