Who is Fail to Decay?

Sitting in math class my junior year of high school (late 2oo8) I asked my best friend, Ray (former bassist), if he wanted to start a band. He stared at me for a while then answered with a simple “hell yeah.” We started to practice with my brother (who is still the current drummer) and his good friend Kyle (former guitarist). We were your typical garage band playing out of my parents basement and it was obvious we had no musical experience.

A couple weeks passed and there we were again, sitting in math class. Ray looked at me and said that we should find a band name. I agreed, so we both starting looking at math terms. We stumbled upon the term, Rate of Decay (the meaning of the term is irrelevant now), and we both thought it sounded “metal” enough. So at the next band practice we brought it up to the other guys and it was unanimous; Fail to Decay stuck.


Lets skip to present day. I am now a junior in college and as time passed so did several members of the band. The only original members left are my brother and myself. We have grown as both men and musicians. This band has grown from a fun high school pass time to a full on lifestyle. I sometimes even ask myself whether or not I am putting school first in my life or the band. It’s hard to do both and I do not believe anyone could understand this struggle unless you’ve done it or are doing it now.


As I continue to post more about the band I will start getting in depth with some future plans, funny stories, the struggles and hardships, along with so much more. This blog will contain questions and will be open for suggestions.


Fail to Decay Promo 2012

“Being on a stage is where I feel at home. Being on stage is an exalted experience I live for.”